Monday, November 16, 2009

Ripples on Trees

I have seen ripples on the lake outside my window. The reflection of the moon on the shimmering waters is a sight to behold. But ripples on trees! That was something new.

I was yawning through yet another boring session of trade theory and development, when a soothing gust of wind brushed against my cheeks. I instinctively turned around and looked out of the window. I was awestruck. There were shades of green, so many of them. There was a patch of tender green, a lump of olive green, a cluster of viridian and chunks of yellow-green. There was the dull brownish-green of dry leaves and bright green with a few shades of red thrown in for the effect. It looked like a huge mosaic that floated on air and swayed with the wind in perfect symphony.

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  1. awesome....d flow of thoughts n words comes natural to u it seems