Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis

The time when our parents were just out of their shells and learning to savour life, we are worrying our hearts out. Welcome to quarter-life crisis!
Everyone who is on the verge of hitting 25 is struggling to understand what is going on in his life.

You know you are suffering from quarter-life-crisis if
  1. You wake up and wonder why you are still alive.
  2. Sleep evades you at night (you sleep through the day).
  3. You spend your day in introspection.
  4. You are bored with everything, been-there-done-that.
  5. Orkut and Facebook are your favourite hang-outs (even they are boring, but are they not a part of routine??)
  6. Every long lost aunt you meet seems to be worried that you are not married yet.
  7. Every friend you know is either committed or engaged or married, and you are not.
  8. You are too bored to flirt or date or even look around.
  9. You think you are in love, but don't want to be.
  10. Your parents seem to have a different mother tongue.
  11. You are perennially irritated, everything from your best friend to the dog on the street seems to be getting on your nerves.
  12. You engage in soliloquy.
  13. You feel you have neither a past nor a future, and even the present seems to be ephemeral.
  14. You suddenly start counting your sins as if judgement day is tomorrow and you have to make a presentation.
  15. You turn to spirituality.
  16. You start counselling friends and colleagues.
  17. You find nothing better to write than 'quarter life crisis'.